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We Stand With Israel

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We are committed to bolstering the resilience of Israel and offering unwavering support to victims of acts of terror.

Founded on the principles of compassion and solidarity, our mission is to provide essential aid, comfort, and assistance to those affected by the enduring conflict.


With a heartfelt dedication to peace and stability, we channel resources, expertise, and empathy towards building a safer, more secure future for Israel and its citizens.


By fostering unity, understanding, and humanitarian outreach, we aim to transcend borders and bring hope to those touched by the profound impact of conflict and terrorism.


Together, we stand with Israel, standing strong for a brighter tomorrow.

On October 7th, with funding and support from Iran's regime, Hamas and other radical Islamic terrorist groups that control Gaza launched a brutal war targeting homes and families in Israel.

As of now over 1200 Israelis have been murdered and over 2,600 wounded, including many in critical condition, by terrorists invading Israel and firing over 4,400 rockets across the country. Israeli casualties include civilians, paramedics, firefighters, and security forces.

Numerous towns in the south of Israel were infiltrated, with terrorists setting homes on fire to force families to come out and be kidnapped or murdered. Over 200 Israelis, including the elderly, women, and children, have reportedly been kidnapped and are being held hostage in Gaza.

As a result of this terrorist onslaught, Israel is now at war. Israel’s army, the Israel Defense Forces are continuing to search for terrorist infiltrators in southern Israel and striking Hamas targets in Gaza.

The goal of Hamas is not to oppose any specific Israeli policy or action. Hamas is an internationally recognized terrorist group driven by genocidal racism against Jews. It seeks to destroy Israel and replace it with a brutal regime of religious supremacy.

Hamas has tried to justify this war by falsely claiming that Israelis were threatening Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem during the recent Jewish holiday of Sukkot. This is untrue. The scope of the Hamas operation proves it has been in planning for many months.

In 2005 Israel unilaterally and unconditionally withdrew all its citizens and forces from Gaza in the hope of making peace with the Palestinian people. The Palestinian Authority began to govern. In 2007, Hamas violently took over Gaza from the Palestinian Authority and has ruled it since. Once this terror group took over Gaza, Israel and Egypt – with international support – put into effect a land and sea blockade to prevent Hamas from smuggling arms from Iran and other sources.

Every week Israel delivers thousands of tons of food, water, medicine, aid, and other materials to the people of Gaza. However, Palestinian civilians living there still suffer tremendous hardships, mainly due to hostilities between Hamas and Israel.

Hamas is heavily funded by Iran’s regime, which often makes genocidal threats to destroy Israel. It also receives support from Turkey and Qatar. Hamas was named the third richest terror group in the world by Forbes Magazine. It uses its funding to brutally oppress Palestinians in Gaza and fuel its endless war against Israel, instead of making peace and building a better future for its people.

After the attack began, Iran quickly announced their support of Hamas and called for Israel's destruction.

Hamas launched this war for a variety of reasons: to stop Israel from achieving peace with Saudi Arabia and other Arab states; internal Palestinian politics where Hamas is positioning itself to be the unquestioned leader of the Palestinians after Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas dies; miscalculating Israeli resolve as Islamic Jihad spokesman Abu Hamza put it while the attack was still underway: Israel is an “illusion made of dust and capable of being defeated and broken.”

Hamas has dragged Israel into a war which will likely be long and painful. Israel has a right and duty to defend its people against genocidal terrorist groups and has said its goal is to destroy the “military and governmental capabilities of Hamas.”

This war is a tragedy that will cause horrific suffering on both sides because Hamas is murdering Israelis and at the same time using innocent Palestinians as human shields.

Hamas and other terrorists have militarized civilian areas in Gaza. Their leaders and militants hide, store weapons, and fire rockets at Israel from homes, schools, hospitals, and mosques. These are war crimes against Israelis and Palestinians alike. The IDF code of ethics requires Israeli soldiers to do everything they can to protect innocent life. Numerous legal and military experts have documented how the IDF does not intentionally target civilians as a matter of policy and goes beyond what the law requires by warning civilians before striking military targets. Nevertheless, it has proven impossible to stop terrorists in Gaza from attacking innocent Israelis without harming innocent Palestinians in the process. This is because Hamas and its allies intentionally put civilians directly in harm’s way.

The U.S., Canada, UK, EU, India, Australia, Iranian opposition leaders, and others have said they stand with Israel. 84 countries have reportedly expressed their support for Israel and its people.

For Israelis, the massacre they faced feels similar to 9/11. Israel is a very small country with a population of only 9 million. Everyone knows someone who lost a family member. The whole country is in shock, and is grieving.

Gili Tal

Executive Director

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